Question: What is the purpose of the establishment of Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation(PGSHF)?

Answer: The only Purpose of the establishment of PGSHF is to provide constructed houses to all Punjab government employees at their retirement.

Question: Is PGSHF is an institution of Punjab Government or an institution of mutual cooperation of Government employees?

Answer: PGSHF is an sub institution of Punjab Government, PGSHF came into being under act 2004.

Question: Who is responsible for the affairs of Housing Foundation in Punjab Government?

Answer: Foundation is a subordinate dependent institute of S & GAD. A board under Chief Secretary has been devised to look after the affairs of Foundation.

Question: To whom will Housing Foundation allot houses?

Answer: Housing Foundation will provide houses to those employees of Punjab Government at their retirement who will get membership of Foundation.

Question: How one can become the member of Housing Foundation?

Answer: You will be member of Foundation after submitting prescribed forms of Housing Foundation.

Question: What are the conditions for being a member of Housing Foundation?

Answer: All permanent Punjab Government employees are entitled to become the member of Foundation.

Question: Will Foundation constructed flats or houses for the employees?

Answer: Foundation is planning to construct houses for all employees.

Question: We both husband & wife are permanent Punjab Government employee, can we become foundation's member at a time or only one can become a member?

Answer: If you both are eligible to become Foundation's member then you both can become the member of Foundation at a time.

Question: What will be the area of my allotted house?

Answer: Houses will be allotted to Foundation's members according to their retirement grade as following schedule.

Basic Scale


Covered Area

1 to 7

5 marlas

1000 Square feet

8 to 16

7 marlas

1350 Square feet

17 & 18

10 marlas

2000 Square feet

19 to 22

20 marlas

3000 Square fleet

Question: To whom will be allotted deceased member's house?

Answer: Deceased member's house will be given to his widow or to his/her family.

Question: Shall I have to deposit monthly installment directly to foundation?

Answer: Monthly installment will be deducted from the salary of foundation member as per the grade. The record of this deduction will be either on their pay bill or pay slip.