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Transfer of Housing and Commercial Units

In exercise of powers conferred by Board of Directors of Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation, procedure given here-under, for transfer of housing and commercial units in Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation schemes is directed to be followed with immediate effect and till further orders.

  1. For all types of transfer of title prior approval of the PGSHF will be necessary which will be applied on a prescribed form obtainable from PGSHF.

  2. PGSHF through its Board of Directors may fix, increase or decrease a transfer fee for transfer of title of allotted house & commercial units to subsequent buyers. The Board of Directors of PGSHF has fixed following transfer fees:

    (Amount in Rupees)
    Per Marla 5-Marla 7-Marla 10-Marla 01- Kanal

    Transfer to legal heirs (at the demise as a member)






    Transfer during lifetime to legal heires






    Transfer to 3rd party through sale (each tranaction)






    Transfer of commercial Property






  3. All Government dues i.e. Stamp Duty, Capital Value Tax, and other taxes levied by Government from time to time will be applicable to all kinds of transfer of title in respect of houses & commercial units allotted by PGSHF.

  4. Transfer of title of house & commercial units of PGSHF may be made through transfer of title in Foundation’s Record, Gift Deed and Registered Sale Deed, after expiry of prescribed period as per clause 17(6) of PGSHF Act, 2004.

  5. All subsequent transfers of the allocated houses & commercial units be made with the approval of the Foundation, subject to payment of transfer fee as may be determined by the Board.

  6. All subsequent transferees of houses & commercial units be bound to comply with the previsions of the PGSHF Act, 2004, Rules and Regulations of the Foundation, wherever applicable. Any reference to a member shall include reference to a subsequent transferee and such other conditions as may be notified by the Foundation from time to time.

  7. An owner of houses & commercial units who wants to transfer his title in PGSHF office will apply to PGSHF on a prescribed form. PGSHF will examine his title, status of dues, and receipt of transfer fee and other Government dues applicable on transfer of title. The Seller and purchaser shall appear before the competent / authorized officer along with two witnesses/ identifiers for putting their signatures and thumb impression / photographs in PGSHF record confirming the transaction. Both the parties (Seller and buyer) will appear along with their CNICs for the purpose of completion of transaction and scanning of photographs/ thumb impression. The competent/ authorized officer after having completed all above formalities will transfer seller’s title to the buyer making an entry to this effect in PGSHF record by issuing a transfer letter to new owner.

  8. An owner of house & commercial units who wants to transfer his title through Registered Sale Deed or Gift Deed, will apply to PGSHF on a prescribed form. PGSHF will examine his title, status of dues, and receipt of transfer fee. The seller and purchaser shall appear before the competent/ authorized officer for putting their signatures and thumb impressions / photographs in PGSHF record confirming the transaction. The competent / authorized officer after having completed all above formalities will issue NOC allowing owner to transfer his title. The purchaser will get registered a Sale Deed or Gift Deed in his favour by presenting such NOC to sub-Registered / quarters concerned. He will submit original/ attested copy of registered Sale Deed/ Gift Deed to PGSHF which will record transaction of transfer in its record an grant membership to new owner after receipt of Membership Fee, if any, and completion of certain formalities.
  9. In case of death of owner of house, his/her successors will get a Legal Heirs/succession Certificate from the competent Court of Law and submit the same to PGSHF to make necessary entry to this effect in its record. After which a transfer letter to successors of deceased will be issued.

  10. No alteration of house in a scheme shall be made/allowed without the approval of the Foundation.

  11. No residential unit in a scheme shall be allowed to be converted into a commercial unit.

  12. All applications of transfer of house along with annextures shall be submitted to Director (Estate & Land).

  13. The transfer application shall be sent to concerned section i.e. Deputy Director (Estate) same day after entry in the appropriate register.

  14. The concerned Deputy Director shall verify the ownership/entitlement from record within four (4) days.

  15. Therefore, the case shall be forwarded to Deputy Director (Finance) for the clearance of payment of Government’s/PGSHF dues.

  16. After verification of record and payment of the dues, Deputy Director (Estate) shall give the date to both the parties (seller and purchaser) alongwith witnesses, and identifier for signature/thumb impressions.

  17. Both the parties shall appear before Director (Estate & Land) for signatures/thumb impressions on requisite documents.

  18. The requisite documents shall then be forwarded to Director (IT) for scanning/taking of thumb impression and photographs.

  19. Director (Estate & Land) will submit the case for approval of transfer to the Managing Director through Executive Director (Admin & Finance).

  20. After approval by Managing Director, Director (Estate & Land) will issue transfer letter in favour of new purchaser.