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Right To Information (RTI)


The Government of the Punjab has implemented a series of measures to strengthen service delivery and citizen satisfaction. The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 makes it mandatory for the public bodies to provide stipulated government held information to the public. The Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF) is proactively providing the information for citizens under RTI.

Proactive Disclosure of Public Information under Section 4 of the Act :-

(a) particulars of the public body, its functions and duties;

  The Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF) was established as a corporate body under the Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation Act, 2004, promulgated on 10.03.2004, to introduce a scheme for providing houses or plots on no profit no loss basis to Government Servants on their retirement or to their families in case of death during service.
Executive Authority and management of the PGSHF have been vested in PGSHF Board headed by the Chief Secretary, Punjab. Moreover, Powers and Functions of the Board are defined under Section 7 of the PGSHF Act, 2004 which are given as under:-
  (a) to take steps for the establishment of a Fund in the manner hereinafter provided, for carrying out the purposes of the Foundation including incurring of expenditure and investment of money;
(b) to arrange, purchase or acquire land, wherever necessary, within the Province of the Punjab;
(c) to develop the land for the purpose of setting up housing schemes with provisions for houses or plots, commercial area and social, recreational, educational, health or other activities necessary for the benefit and welfare of the members and their families;
(d) to prepare a master plan for the development of land to establish housing schemes for the members in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the rules;
(e) to create organizations and employ such persons as may be necessary for running affairs of the Foundation;
(f) to exercise control over the housing schemes and look after the operation and maintenance of all essential services;
(g) to receive such fees and other user charges as may be prescribed;
(h) to sell or dispose of assets, movable or immovable, of the Foundation in such a manner as may be determined by the Board;
(i) to appoint employees and determine their terms and conditions of service;
(j) to authorize spending from the fund;
(k) to delegate any of these powers and functions to a person or to a body of persons; and
(l) to do such acts as are ancillary and incidental to the above functions.

(b) powers and functions of its officers and employees;

  Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer as provided under Section 10 of the Act, ibid, who exercise such powers and perform functions as determined by the Board of Directors, PGSHF. The Managing Director is assisted by two Executive Directors i.e. Executive Director (Admin. & Finance) and Executive Director (Engineering). Four Directors including Director (Administration), Director (Estate & Lands, Director (Finance & Accounts) and Director (I.T) are reportable to Executive Director (A&F). The Director (M&FPs) and all Project Directors are reportable to Executive Director (Engineering). All Directors being Head of Wing/Branch are responsible for fair and effective manner of official business.

(c) norms and criteria set by the public body for the discharge of its functions;

  PGSHF perform his functions according to its Act, Rules and Regulations and policy guidance approved by the Board of Directors, PGSHF

(d) Acts, Ordinances, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars and other legal instruments being enforced, issued or used by the public body in the discharge of its functions;


(e) a statement of categories of information being held by the public body;


(f) a description of its decision-making processes and any opportunities for the public to provide input into or be consulted about decisions;


The Executive Authority and management of the PGSHF have been vested in Board of Directors, PGSHF under Section 8 of the PGSHF Act. The Board is the Competent Authority to frame policies in accordance with law. Any member of his family may through representation request PGSHF Board to consider his/her request as per law.

(g) a directory of its officers and employees with their respective remuneration, perks and privileges;

(h) budget of the public body including details of all proposed and actual expenditures;


(i) amount of subsidy and details of beneficiaries if the public body provides any subsidy; (N/A)

(j) particulars of the recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by the public body; (N/A)

(k) facilities available with the public body for obtaining information held by it;

(l) name, designation and other particulars of the public information officer of the public body;


Public Information Officer -I
Shehzad Ahmad, Director (IT)

Public Information Officer-II
Mr. Tanseer Ahmad , Assistant Director (A&A)

(m) any other information that the Government may notify in the official Gazette. (N/A)

Other Information